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Gratitude Testimonials

Gratitude Testimonials

    TCIA and SET gratitude and testimonials



My yesterday’s tapping with Zvia made me
feel so good that I had nothing to tap on,
today. Mom, Zvia and I went to eat breakfast
in a restaurant. Shortly after I finished eating
I felt my stomach ache.
I asked if the dish had Gluten in it, Zvia did
not have the answer. She suggested we tap
to clear the ache and my sensitivity to Gluten.
We tapped and within a few minutes the ache
went down from 10 to 3.
She asked me if I choose to tap some more to
reduce the ache from 3 to 0. I said No. She then
asked me what feel like doing, stay with her till
my mom returns or go meet mom. I felt ache-free
by the time I met mom, a couple of minutes, later.

S. Caspi
Shlomi, Israel
A teen-ager, diagnosed to also have Asperger's
Syndrome and  Autism Spectrum Distorder.

I have been tapping with Zvia Frankfurt and find
it to be the only tool that helps me feel relieved
and frees my mind, my soul and my body.
When Zvia introduced me to tapping I was very
skeptical. But Zvia with her professional
approach, insight and intuition manages to
capture my deepest emotions and thoughts
and free me from the burden of repetitive
I also take my teen-aged daughter to tapping
with Zvia. After the session we both
experience elevation and a day that started
with our wrong foot changed into a day with
our right foot for both of us to enjoy a
pleasant day.

M. Caspi

Shlomi, Israel


03.12.2015 NgMail
from:     b
to:          zvia7

I have read this message of yours
to your new neighbor guy about 6
times because it makes me feel
better.  It gives me hope that the
monetary promises of J are actually
going to materialize…

I hope my gut is right and my anxiety
soon is relieved …. 
Time will tell.

God bless your sweet heart.

28.11.2015 NgMail
from:     b
to:          zvia7

i keep reading the story about your
neighbor because it is inspirational.
Hope you are feeling relaxed, satisfied,
and happy.

from:     zvia7
to:          b


Thanks  J

I managed to bring this to a positive
direction by letting go last night of ...
and today by letting go of ... for the
universe to allow me to do today what
I did not do yesterday - approach him,
say to him: I forgive you, what you did
on Friday caused me great pain, I am
giving you permission to destroy all.
I used both body and mouth languages
… He told me that it is his wish that I
remain his neighbour forever.

A couple of hours later he called me
through my office open window. I came
out to see him sit on his porch having
coffee and smoking his cigarette, he
asked me if the landlord rep talked to
me… - he repeated his wish for me to
be his neighbour forever, in other words.

In the evening he called me once again,
same place, same way - sent me home
with we are going to be neighbours for
generations, you can sleep well at night.

Ones (rape) transformed to O nes (oh miracle).


02.11.2015 NgMail
from: b
to:     zvia7

re watching video clip,  i shall.

God bless your sweet heart Zvia. 
I just received (usually daily)
message from N, and wrote him
back. firrst time i think i have
given him note of the $175,000
embezzled, much other finacial
embezzlement, plus some more

Hope your day is all you deserve
(the BEST) hope you enjoy what
you wissh for and that you are
happy, satisfied, and enjoying
many aspects of your life.

I just am taking a course of
action that i believe will help
me from the financial crimes,
and move away from thinking
about it.  I have things in place
to help me. Most of all I want to
retire and enjoy my rooms of
beads, to sell beads, and teach
crafts. I hope to resume playing
the piano one day, and sell aa
room full of sheet music
(hundreds of thousands of
pieces)...i have invested in
beads and that to overcome
the embezzlement. 

Would be fun to meet you some
time and share i the beadmania,
sheett musicmania, and other
assorted manias.More than
anything i love my home and
parklike grounds.  It is healthy
for me to work on that....

Now i shall write down the Utube
suggestions, I have no iddea what
they are but i believe it will help
me as it has helped you. 
I trust your brain.


20.08.2015 NgMail
from: b
to:     zvia7

Again thanks for your wisdom. 
I don't have very far to go because
i am already there, at least i think
that lol.  But it is helpful to see it in
writing, brings more clarity.

Hope you are well, happy, fulfilled,
excited, etc.

I am focused a lot today in trying to
get medical relief for my daughter-in
-law, because the hospital stopped
her treatment to allow her to die.  I
can't allow it without effort on my
part, researching other hospital,
researching treatment in Mexico. 
I hate some aspects of my life, it is
very difficult to be a genius, or
former genius.

God bless you.

from:     b

to:         zvia7


Thanks for the encouraging philosophy. 
How do i deal with my grandkids having
their father in jail for 1 shipment of God's
plant.  And their mother having a
basketball sized cancer tumor and a
tracheotomy so she can't breathe on her
own or talk.

I feel desperate and sad, and sick and
hopeless and empty. 

from:     b
to:         zvia7

I think you are saying that life is about
impulses, inclinations, instincts,
tendencies, and urges which are the
driving forces.

Sounds like a brilliant observation on
your part. So life is driven by things
we are almost not aware of. Therefore
life is on auto-pilot.  Now i am not sure

of my spelling! But  I do believe that
God is the Creator and Driver of our

29.06.2015 NgMail

from:     b
to:         zvia7

thanks encouragement helps. I am
trying to regain my brain, exercise,
walk 2 fast miles daily at local park.
Physically improved, and slowlly
seeing some return of my brain

following that bad pill.
However I still do not really have a
full life.  
Today need to stop being so overdue
on raising my prices for Crazy Corn.
Netgmn iss really a pain, the quality
of people leave a LOT to be desired

often. People quit etc. I report to
Lancelot; he removes them, but I do
not want to oconstantly engage
negative, happened yesterday,
annother incident I did not report.  
Well now I have my caregiving day
beginning; but had an assistant

already here, so Cathlyn is handled
for the time being. I have some kind
of accounting appoinntment, the
accounting is another horrifying
issue... The government robs several
hundred dollars out of my business
account on top of all the other taxes...

Nutz!  I will see a new accountant
today, who will hopefully stop that.  
I hope I can get things together, visit
my grandbabies (all 4)....and now i go
to message my son who does not
complain.  When my X lands in prison,
I am hopeful suuper blessing will be

bestowed on son.
Hope you stay well and happy and
enjoy all you can. Blessings for
Israel too.

T.A. 5.8.11
A Thank!
Smile & Kiss
Dr. Perla Dujovney-Perez



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