Israel State Corporation,
Dare controlled I am - enslaved me
or Truth I am the controller. I am the sovereign?

A registered company,
Dare  controlled I am - enslaved me OR
Truth I am the controller. I am the sovereign.


Dr. Shiva: That is how a very small
amount of people control the masses
all over the world.

Insights and realizations of:
I am judging no one.
I am not a or the judge.

I am not an or the
I am not an or the
account manager.
I am not a or the CPA.

I am not an or the advocate.
I am not a or the lawyer.
I am not a or the legislator.
I am not a or the plaintiff.

Bad and good
Right and wrong
are mere perceptions.


Bad or good luck
is an end result of
a belief, a choice
and a decision
be them concious,
sub or unconcious.

Each is a
manifestation and
materialization of
mindful or mindless
state of mind.

                                    I am each and every
                                    one of them.

Same as
I am controlled -
controlled me is
enslaved me.

I am a controller
and the controller
- I am a sovereign
and the sovereignangel

Not because Zvia
believe so or say so
or wrote so angel

Because if I would give
myself a moment and
only take the time
of day to return to the
sources, way, way, way

before the culture of
mind control began
paralising the body
and mind engineering
started paralising the
human brain and
taming it self.

you would see it with
your own eyes and
sense it in your heart.

The fact of the matter and
the question are not who
am I but rather:

What am I chosing/electing
to be?
Who am I deciding to be?
Who am I growing to be?

Same good old me / self
a and the almighty,
authentic, better, creative,
me / self?

End of the month election
day for “local authorities”.

Yom Kippur (atonement day:
A-ton-tone-ment angel

Sunday last, Jaffa Astrologer:
“In this life your lesson is CONTROL.”

My interpretation: moving
out of Vict-I’m-hood to

In other words this life
are for and to exercising
and practicing birth rights:
freedom of choice;
freedom of expression;
honour of humane image.

Transforming one’s self
Controlled I am - enslaved me
I am a and the controller
I am a and the sovereign.

I am chosing/electing
to take the reigns in
and with both of my

I am deciding to get and
to take control of my life.

I am doing it.
I am taking action
exerecising and
practicing them.

   I am
   from being a
   champ in
   and with
   words and
   zero in actions
   into being a
   champ in
   actions aligned
   in a direct cane
   of a straight line.

A cousin living in the USA letter:

02.09.2023 what say you                                                                      Dear Zvia
Failure or success?                                                                               For some reason Microsoft
A Mis-Take allowed creation                                                                  2 old dogs into my e-mail
of a new take angel It came out                                                                address. Also an office of
looking eye-attracting, delicious,                                                           one attorney glued to my
leaving a taste of more angel                                                another email.

Nobody can get rid of it.
Probably, some one is


To his new e-mail with
the attorney name I
sent the following:

Dare controlled I am
- enslaved me or
Truth I am the controller.
I am the sovereign.

“Sub: Way to go and to
say I do not agree
Conent: Enough is enough
I am the authority
I am the decision
maker and taker.

Apropo humor:
Close look will reveal
my holding back a
whole hearted laughter
during my yesterday's
Twilight rest:

   I am sleeping

Many and much
whole hearted laughter

One, Max
Mollyn, replied:
“Smart cat…”

Reality/Result test prove that                                                       The other day I sent my
Ginge is a smart cat and a                                                           cousin a new letter to his
one to learn cats life skills,                                                           “old” e-mail.
talents, virtues and wisdom from

Hereinafter is
one more issue
and many more
matters - my reply

Probably so beloved Victor

All the more so
with data I received
Wednesday last.

I boycott google
for several years
thus google chrome
browser and google
e-mail (gmail).

Recently Google
analytics stopped
delivering the goods.

So it is one more
of Google control and
surveilance devices
that is out of my life.

I also boycott
Whats-App since
February 2020 or
2021 from the day
I read that its
declarations of privacy
and safety are sheer

They closed Ben Gvir's
and his wife accounts
because of the contents
in their messages.

In my own and very
personal and subjetive                            Who sells bonds?
interpretation and                                    Business entities such as
under-standing?                                      companies or corporations?

My account is no                                                                                                                    OR
different from Ben                                                                                                                 
Servants of the people?
Gvir’s and his wife.                                         
Is a servant the landlord?                           
It is open -                                                                                                                             
Is a civil servant
the sovereign?
under control and                                                                                                                  

Down to earth matter
of fact:
Blatant fraud.
Breach of contract.
One more betrayal
of faith.

Logarithms and brain
paralised workers
check each and every
letter, note and sign in
any message that I
receive or send.

I use Fa(c)Ke-book
only to promote my
business - so I do
not open it on a
daily basis.

    last, I drove
    to the "High"
    Court in
    in support of
    an appeal
    against Ministry of...
    Ministry of...
Ministry of...
(I forgot how many and
each one's name)

that allow and promote
use of weapon to harm
and murder the people
of Israel and who ever
enter the land of Israel.

Dare controlled I am
- enslaved me or
Truth I am the controller.
I am the sovereign.

Along the way and
on the way 4 Israeli
joined me.

The 4th voice to
begin with and
look to end with
impressed and
reminded me of

one of the side effects
(symptom) of the lethal
injections presented to
the pub-lic(k) as vaccinations.

Or the produce of
mind engineering
to annul humane
nature and self.

I am more than 4
hours on they way.
Gall bladder and
Intestine calls angel

08:27 parked the car.
On the way I read new
notice: 2 sittings before
the one I came for.

Dare controlled I am
- enslaved me or
Truth I am the controller.
I am the sovereign.

Fun-tastic angelheartangel
Great heartangelheart
there is time to attend
to gall bladder and
intestine calls angel

Queue of tens of
people (of all ages,
from children to
mature / old) waiting
to entre the “high”
court building.

Perfect, go find toilets.
Guard: “none out here.”
“Indoors only?”

Back to the queue.
My time came.
Entered. Eyes looking
for toilets angel

Direction sign
shows Toilet
1 single door.

Next floor is sitting
halls one.
Go find there.

2nd direction sign,
sitting halls floor.

1 door.
Opened it.
2 ways.
Which way?

Managed to find
the right one (for
me angel).

Eyes and nose
Filth, foulness of
all working there
of lowest of courts
at their best and
for their reputation.

Arranged as clean
a seat as possible.
Re-lived I continued
my way.

                                     Found the sitting hall.,%20State%20of/27092023_Hall_of_Sitting_R.jpg
                                     Entered and in motion:

Found a seat.
heard S (the
plaintif) talk:
“… children...”

Saw the 3 judges
getting up and
walking out of the sitting
hall in dead silence.

started speaking
and standing up.
Some raised their
voices expressing
their anger and upset:
“Shame on you.”

Judges leave is a way
to declare “Not here,
not now.” To protect
oneself from…

It is in no way a
disgrace, or

“Security guards”
became alerted
with murder looks
in their eyes.

One of them rushed
in the direction of the
spectators, screaming
irrelevant and false
vocabulary such as:

“… Court contempt...”
while waiving his hands
in the spectators direction.

With all due respect
to him and his ilks:

Judges out of the hall,
out of hearing and out
of sight.

Can and do words
degrade, disgrace,
humilate, hurt, shame
inanimate such as
air and objects made
of metal, plastic, stone,
wood and their likes?

Since when do
inanimates and
their likes know
the difference
between contempt,
disgrace, humiliation
and honour or shame?

When did he/she
said and/or wrote it?
Where is it written?
Who said or wrote it?

Spectators then started
shouting and moving in
his direction.

He responded with
stronger violence and
moved to voice threats.

No terror no existence.
Judges actions and body
language: go ahead talk
to the walls. Shameful?
Not really.

manifestation and
proof of tyrany?
Yes, really.

Wisdom of the crowd
restored order.

Hang on what was
this all about?
Is it done and over?

S. is seating in his
chair. Stay.
Another appeal
and was heard.
The 2nd?

S. got up and started
walking out.,%20State%20of/27092023_HighCourt_Front.jpg                               I met S outside.
                               Photographed a film
                               with his sharing the
                               course of events,

his insights
and their
and reading

Mind blowing.
Way to go S.

Pure and sheer down
to earth approach,
matter of fact attitude,
dignity, honour, love,
peace and respect.

Before driving home
with 3 of the 4 plus
one that filled the
vacant seat of the 4th:

The new 4th came with
a sandwich in his hand.
The 2nd connected us.

2 hrs or so night sleep.
Up on my feet from 04:00.
drank some water before
leaving home.

“Hungry? Hummus?
… Lets drive to eat

I found a Hummus
restaurant some 2
km away.
We drove there.

When I believed
that I found a
parking the new
4th rushed out of
the car.

Read the signs
on both sides of
the street.

1 sign was at the
end of the parking
area, facing the
street instead of
the coming cars.

Only way to read it?
Park the car, go
read it.
Stop the car in front
of it, in the traffic lane.


The sign in the other
side of the street was

facing the other direction.

It’s back faced me.

“… come park here...”

So I did.
When I came out
of the car I found
out that the sign
did not state
Residents cars only
fee or free parking.

    Till 12:30,
    an hour an a half angel
    Plenty of time to go,
    order, eat, pay and
    return to the car angel

Better safe than sorry?

I activated a parking

Ben Sira # 3
written as restaurant
address. We arrived
at Ben Sira # 3 and… angel

Hummus restaurant?

We asked a present
and heard that it is
around the corner angel

Off we went around
the corner and…
the restaurant is in
a different street.

It is in the next block
(in the street that we
walked along to begin

Connected together
3 tables. Sat down
and conversation

Next time that I
lookd at the time
I saw 12:30.

“Its 12:30 lets go
back to the car.
Parking only till 12:30.
May we find no ticket.

He walked us along,%20State%20of/27092023_Pyramid_R.jpg
a short cut. I saw
another Nazi symbol
in front of one of the
Nazi controlled
and serving institutions.

We arrived to see
the agent produce
a ticket to the 2nd car.

The new 4th was the
1st to see the ticket
placed on my car.

I took the ticket.
“Yes, it is a ticket.”

He rushed to the agent.

I Iooked at the time.
12:37. I raised my
head to see what
is happening.

I saw him talking
with the agent.
His body language
revealed his moving
from peace mode
to war mode.

His hands moved from
being along his body
to expressing anguish?
dismay perhaps?

He got upset (i.e.
lost his good and
kind nature).

When he came into
the car I asked what
aggravated him.

Heard the agent,%20State%20of/20190701_142436_WaterPressureGauge.jpg
refused to provide
him with information
he is obliged
(formally and legally)
to supply.

“You will get this ticket
annuled. You will not
pay it. I will teach you
how to do it… Then you
will do the same with
City Tax, Eelectric

“It (EC) pays me
for electricity.”

“Al right then Water
bills… they cannot
stop water supply…

how much is
your water bill?”

“Appoximately 100 nis...”

It will cost you
80 nis.”

Worth it big time.
(Water Pressure
Gauge installed
by Water Corporation
agents, 2017).

  In 2016 and 2017
  they robbed me
  of over 400 nis.

“1st bill will pay it
and will leave me
with change.”angel

Thereafter no bills.
700 nis a year can
serve me better.

“You will start with this
ticket and move on to
city tax and and water

You must do it today...”

“All right I will do it today.”

Dare controlled I am
- enslaved me or
Truth I am the controller.
I am the sovereign.

Did I come home with
valuable new data that
can change and serve
my economy state for

Indeed (I did) angel

At home a new day
Feeding the cats.

I walked my word.
I joined a new group
on Telegram called
אנחנו העם

(We Are The People)
to find ways to annul
the Fine Payment
Notice called by the
people: Parking or
Traffic report.

I then progressed to
phrase the letter with
my asking to annul the
Fine Payement Notice
and do more research:,%20State%20of/27092023_State_of_Israel.jpg

New 4th walked his
Post office closed
at 22:00.
New contract:
Letter posting:

Elections for the
Knesset are of
parties NOT people.

Likud party was
one of the elected
parties in the
elections for the
25th knesset.

Received most of
the votes.
Negotiated with
other parties to
create a coalition.
became PM.

Bibi(ya-who) and
the other 119 were
NOT elected by
the people of Israel.

They were elected by
members of the party or
by the Head of the

NOT by the people of
Israel (the pub-lic(k).
Not in the election for
the Knesset.

Also, when, where
who angel
Members of a party
are the people of
Israel - the pub-lic(k)?

Not, they are very
few of the people
of the pub-lic(k).

Did the pub-lic(k)
elect or nominate
the120 as legislators?
No. It did not. Voting
is for a party not a

Here we go again
with How/when/where angel
Not from 1958 onward angel

Since when does a
employees or owners
are legislators?

Where in our world exist
1 state (for medicine/remedy)
in which elections of the
governing personnel are

I recall no such state.,%20State%20of/02102023_SS_0_1_O_r.jpg
An evidence and proof
that Israel, state of is a
registered company:

Agents of Israel
company coerce
the residents of
the land of Israel
to use google
chrome to get

They lie saying the
websites work with
google chrome only.

Putting their words
to the Reality/Result
test proved their words
were lies.

I managed to get
services with
another browser angel

They lie when they
say “we only reommend.”

They brain wash,
they do control and
mind engineering.

According to a local lawyer:
Starting with 3rd Knesset (1958),
onwards, any legislation
ligislated since? Is illegal.

Business companies/
corportations sell bonds
to pay off debts created
by mismanagement. OR
to finance

Civil servants are
servants of the pub-lic(k)
NOT of Mammon.

Civil servants are not
authorized to
create a

Proper conduct and
finance management
pay all expenses and
saves reserves for a
rainy day with
in the treasure.

                                                   Voice of the Truth poster:,%20State%20of/28092023_Voice_of_Truth_Poster.jpg
                                                   Peace guaridans

The Knesset and it’s
members, your time
passed, the nakedness
of the state of Isael and
its institutions is revealed,
it’s validity expired, ended
it’s rules…

An open secret in our mouth:
The Knesset of Israel does not
have the authority to legislate
legislation (inacurately called
law, nor to rule any rules.

Its one and only authority
is to carry out and execute
the people of the state
agenda and to serve the
people of the state best
interests coercion free,
conflict of interests free,
corruption free
matter of factly,
neputism free,
Totalitariy free. zf)…

And if there is no authority
to legislate legislation then…

There is no authority to collect taxes.
There is no authority to hold lands.
There is no authority to imprison and torment.
There is no authority for Tyrany.

Our time to flower
with moral laws and

What are you waiting for with
Dare controlled I am - enslaved me
or Truth I am the controller.
I am the sovereign?