A Week and a little in the life

A Cat Abuse?
A Week and A Little in The Life
Of An Edge and Fringe Youth

DIY Protocols for a Kitten and a Cat
How to keep away and remove Fleas
and to set a border;
Cleansing and evacuating Giardia, infection, worms and rehabilitating digestive system.

In the post are horrifying
and shocking images and
personal testimony from and of:

Power of Nature and A Word Evoke
a Trauma and Set it Free

From Slavery to Miser-y
to Queenship Royalty

An Image is Worth A Thousand Words.

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Power of Nature and A Word to
Evoke Trauma and to Set if Free.

In January
“This is an expensive work.”

Anxiety and insecurity clung.

In May,
Plaster man 1:
“I do not want to…”

In June,
Plaster man 2:

came, saw,
“Call… from …
than call me.”

Did as instructed.
Called. No reply.
Sent a text message.
Zilch reply.

Started inquiring and
wondering “How much
costs expensive work?”

From Slavery to Miser-y
to Queenship Royalty


Event; E-motion; Reaction;
Being in an Emotion state.
Being conducted, controlled and managed.

Event; Energy; Result;
Being in Energy state.
Comprehension, creativity, initiative being ness.

Evolvement; Expanded conciousness; Royalty
Being in a king / queen ship state.
Being the creator, conductor, initiator,
leader, manager = the sovereign.
sovereignty being ness.

Comprehension and under-standing
are an end result of a process.
An end result of a process is the
demonstration and manifestation of
an intention that is aligned in a direct
cane of a straight line and followed
by an action.

The process begins through
and with senses, data reception.

In one of the times, be it in
a fraction of a moment or in
hundreds of moon cycles
the process next phase is
coming out an up from
oblivion deep darkness and
dismal state to acquaintance
and awareness, whether
with a thought or a word,
an e-motion or a / the sense of.

In this stage of the process
it is within one’s ability to

     Annul outright.
     A demonstration and
     manifestation of lack
     of awareness,
and/or mindfulness.


Self-testimony of the
habit to annul each and
every body, one, thing
including one’s self

Progress one to a phase
of examination. Considering,
putting the datum to reality/
result test, reversing of
datum, weighing the datum.

Exercising discretion,
practicing e-motional,
mental and sensual
abilities, skill, talentsm
and virtues.

Action from awareness,
consciousness and
mindfullness integrating
e-motion, feeling, sense
and spirit allow and enable
a result:

A Freedom Of Choice.

A choice to lose it,
give way to a new.

Continuation with the same
belief, conduct, management,
manner and way that is
e-motionally crammed, full
and overloaded is a
demonstration of a fear
paralyzed (stricken) brain.

Or                                                                                                  (All Rights Reserved to fxp.co.il)
new practice:
arbitrary and fearless
adoption of a new belief,

perspective, management,
manner and way.

A choice to lose it,
give way to a new.

Continuation with the same
belief, conduct, management,
manner and way that is
e-motionally crammed, full
and overloaded is a
demonstration of a fear
paralyzed (stricken) brain.

new practice:
arbitrary and fearless
adoption of a new belief,

perspective, management,
manner and way.

      A fear paralysed (stricken)
      brain is a hermetically sealed

A fear paralysed brain
give way for my demons
of hostility and spirits of
terror to be my authority,
coductor, cotroller, leader
and manager.

       I am fear controlled,
       haunted and troubled
by my past. imprisoned
in my past cell.

Reactive, sense-less.

No digestion, over turn,
turn over, weigh of data
provided by e-motions,
feelings, instincts, senses.

Yes, sensbility is an end
result of colaboration and
cooperation process in
which ALL:

abilities, faculties, skills,
talents and virtues:
brain, e-motions, feelings
instincts and senses participate.

Believing I am working
with my brain (head)
when I am fearing my
e-motions, feelings,
instincts and senses
- in other words - my
own self and shadow
result in a life lived
from the top of my
forehead to the top of
my head.

A life with

brain that does not delve,
draw (conclusion too),
inqueir, investigate, learn
(also from the lesson),
make good of.., measure,
search, study, weigh ods,
pros and cons.

Eyes that look - only.
Closed, shut down and
off to observing, seeing,
viewing, all the more
watching and witnessing.

Ears that do not hear,
all the more listen.

Nose that does not smell.

Mouth that does not taste
(life’s flavours too) yet
showers lip service,
empty and hollow slogans
strike (straight into a soft belly,
under the belt) words
for fear of

what will he/she do,
what will he/she say,
what will he/she think
of me, my action, my

Hands that do not feel,
all the more sense and
touch yet are easy and
quick to to beat, hit and

A life of and with one
single colour instead
of a life full with different
colours, rich and thriving
with various shades.

Missing life’s prosperity,
riches and richness


Not each word
all the more each
drive and/or motive.

Uses intelligence?

Here, there.

From her way From Slavery to Miser-y
to Queenship Royalty.

In July:
A letter from Digital Bank.
An exceptionally high deposit
was made to your account.
Answer the following questions…
Failure to comply will bring
account closure.

A reminder for use of the power
of hostility and terror to paralyze
every good part of being and
it’s brain.

For years a lie is used:

“The war on black capital”
Money laundering

as part of promoting psychopaths
and sociopaths a well-organized agenda
and programme of pre-meditated and
pre-planned mass annihilation of
humane lives.

                                           Cash withdrawal was
                                           reduced in Israel to…
                                           abroad to…
                                           Cash deals reduced to…

    Day and night,
    and in past months
    in full gear speed
decrees, orders, rules and unlawful
laws are invented and legislated.

Approving, establishing
and empowering facist
tyranny of one annulling

yesbirth rights,
yesdignity of human image
yes freedom of expression,
speech and self.

Aware of what is happening
in Israel and the world, and
being familiar, if slightly only,
in matter and reality and the
industries of banking, fake
news and sheer lies she
replied to the first two questions:


Her occupation/profession
is a client’s matter, only.

Meaning, her occupation/
profession are
nobody’s business
all the more of a banking
industry or a governing
corporation, falsly,
presented as state.

Salary slips or agreement
with employer:
Retired, so no salary sleeps.

To the third
Salary sleeps or bank
statement she replied
with a question:

“What is supposed to be
stated in the bank sheet?”

A memory awakened
wondering as to the
meaning of the words:

“An exceptionally high
deposit was made to
your account.”

In April she heard from M,
who stays abroad frequently
and often, that she angered,
outraged and up-set of what

During a trip in Sri Lanka,
Upon her coming to withdraw
cash from an ATM:
sum limit 400 US Dollars
per day. Much less than in
her (M’s) past.

On her return she was
called by the bank to
provide evidence and
proof (documents, receipts)
for each valueless Agora
of the cash sums withdrawn
from an ATM during the trip.

Times will answer and tell
no/yes the bank walked the
word of order, takes action
against her - i.e. make its
asking a given.

In a digital bank, she deposited

In May a sum
equivalent to 100 US Dollrs.

In June a sum
equivalent to 120 US Dollars.

To pay for a supplier
from abroad.

120 US Dollars                                                                                                                                                                      (All rights reserved to mycart.co.il)
became a high sum?

During communication
with the bank’s representative
she read:

31,000 NIS.

Her requet to check
was answered with

“MIs-take please for(e)give me…”

Power of Nature and
A Word to Evoke a
Trauma and to Set It Free?

She chose to see in the
happening a message.

The uni-verse way to
answer her questions/

“Expensive work = 31,000 NIS”

Thursday, 20.07.2023
The tenants are planned to
leave, to celebrate 28 years
of marriage, for a week boat
cruise to Greece and the
Greek Islands.

Wednesday, 19.07.2023,
she called H’ to hear when
he will be coming with…

“Within an hour, an hour
and a half.”

She greeted, expressed
gratitude and thanks to:
every delay is for a good cause.

   A Word Worth Gold
   At the said hour he came
   with Dwarfi and Longi.

   A Word Worth Gold?
   correct, right, truth smiley

They went down.
H’ started showing the two
what is the subject at hand.


At hearing H’ saying “...”
Dwarfi took control.

From Dwarfi mouth
she heard that part of
the dampness is from
the parking lot area.

They went up to the parking lot.
“We do not do half work.
We are not coming back in
a year or two.

We have to evacuate
all the bricks (interlocking
bricks) from here
to lay tar sheets (Bitumen)
Cast a layer of concrete
Cover with Granulite.”


On the way down with Longi:

“So you are also the
plaster man?”

“Yes, I am also a plaster man.”

"You will make a water duct
so that what happened will
not repeat itself?”

Answer, reply, response?
Dialogue of the deaf?

“I have no intention of
repeating the work in a
year or two because of
returning water.”

They started climbing
the staircase.

“We are doing repairs only.”

(In her heart, correct, true.
Water duct is a part of the

She went back to the
parking lot.
Joined H’ and Dwarfi.

“How many days is the work?”
No thing.

H’: “Moment, let him
drive home, prepare
a quotation.”

“No need. 30,000.”

She accepted under a
work begins tomorrow.
Thursday, 20.07.2023.

In her heart spread
gratitude e-motion
and thankfulness
sense for the uni-verse
giving credit, ordering,
organizing, providing
and timing each body
and every one and thing
in an exemplary order from heaven.

“So now you give us 5,000.”

5,000 out of 30,000 in her
opinion and for her?
logical, reasonable.

Crosses the screen.

On her way to bring the
sum Longi came along.

“Listen. You bring me
7,000 not 5,000. It is
to buy materials.”

Also crossed the screen,
attracted and drew attention.

The note book is open and the hand writes?
In the open book wrote the hand.

“A Container will arrive.
Clear your car.”

Made the asking a given.

“Tomorrow we start
dismantling the…”

“Fine. So we shall start
dismantling and than I
will send them downstairs…”

Thursday, 20.07.2023
started around five thirty
with Lev-Shar coming to eat.

The note book is open and the hand writes?

She wondered no/yes they
will arrive at the said hour.

To calm down insecurity,
lack of certainty, serenity?

She walked out to the bridge.
Saw the neighbour.

“Good day
May I come now?
“Yes, go ahead, come.”

Crossed the street,
entered the plot.

They walked to the back,
for her to see what’s new -
fruits of his works.


She became enthusiastic
and marveling.

While in his garden she
heard and saw their car

She fare-welled with
“they came.
Going to the two clowns.

                                                   Moving to observe and
                                                   watch with hawk eyes.”

Tw"o clowns?
What do you mean?

Left his question

Hawk eye
The note book is open
and the hand writes?

                                                    They arrived 15 minutes early.
                                                    They have time to organize,
(All rights reserved to birdsbase.com)                                                                        prepare and start working at 07:00.

Credit point.

The note book is open and the hand writes

They started in the
parking lot. Dismantling
bricks. Container? None.
Whole bricks.

       New point of view.

Her asking that they arrange
and place them downstairs
rose e-motional storm and
spiritual turmoil.

Opened the door for
miser-y hostility and

Extortion of being.
Lack of

yes true love, self,
nature and life;

yes Birth rights;

yes Human image dignity;

yes Freedom of self
and self-expression in which

Mammon is my lord - and me?

Annulled and annulling
every good part of
self, selfhood?
Loyal, obedient,
pierced and wretched
slave of Mammon
- My lord?

Cancel the container.”

“Call and cancel.”


     A duel of giants.
     World war between
     Longi and the one
     that answered the call.

“He does not agree.
He is already here.”

“Pay him for transport

He continued the duel.

“He is already

False or True?
Master of lies exaggerating
a vivid and wild exaggeration?

A Hawk eye penetrating
briefly to the street space,
the neighbouring street
and it’s following street and…

Is there or is there no
lorry with a container?

No lorry at signt, let alone
lorry with a container.

“Let me talk with him.”

She extended her arm
for his cellular telephone
and repeated her words.
He turned his back.

Screams, shouts, yelling.
“Fine. I will pay 400.”

Alarmed, agitated,
irritated - all emotional        
no rational.

“Pay the workers 400
because it is a harder

Correct, True.
There is a difference between
most of the bricks
5 metres top then throwing
them into the container.

And between
lesser of them 5
meters top, throwing
them down.

Loading them into a trolley,
going down 2 stairs.
Taking them out and
arranging them in a pile?


Cries (again).

“The container was also
for the sand and… now
we have to buy bags…”

“There is a lorry with a
crane… (angrily) Fine.
I will pay…”

“I worked 7 years in sales…”
“This is my work… granulite.”

Expertise, high
skills and talents - Longi?
Deception, trickery.

A word worth garbage.
Words one, Actions one.

“How much costs a bag, 50?
How many bags needed?

“No. 25, 6 bags
(All the crying and screaming
for this?)

Dwarfi brainwashed her to
add cleaning and sealing of
the granulite.
2,000 that she has not.
Agreed. Agreement 2.

                                                                                                        A  moment before end
                                                                                                        to Dwarfi:
                                                                                                        “You said that today you
                                                      will begin work downstairs
                                                      and nothing. You are doing
                                                      as you please and what I
                                                      say is nothing, zilch?”

“What do you want,

Came and asked
another 8,000 -

     “This is the last sum
     that you receive from
me. It is customary
to pay 40%.
You received 50%.
You will receive the
balance after you
complete the work.”

Evening, tenants son
Water are flowing and
flooding the garden.

Went downstairs
to check. Saw the
floodon where they
threw the bricks down.

Damage to irrigation pipe.

Grateful to be gifted with
technical abilities,
technical knowledge,
technical skills,
technical talents
and technical vision.

What is called good head
and two right hands.

Grateful for having a
connector that cost 5
Repaired the damage.

The note book is open and the hand writes

To offset the damages?

A moment of ahhhhh
You are all full with energy,
an energy bomb, no thing
lamp in the throat.
Slight of slightest pressure
cramping the chest?

Started letting go with
words and sentences that
came up to awareness,
consciousness and mind.

Moved from Slavery to Miser-y
to Queeship Royalty

Friday, 21.07.2023, one moment
all your body is free, freed.

What is going on here?
They don’t know their place?
Behave, conduct, manage
like landlords?

Doing in and with her property
as their own: taking without
asking for permission and
using as if it is their own?

Talking to her like to a maid
or a slave?
Fetch, go...

Manuvered them to
respect the word i.e.
walk their word,
be and become? Truthful.

Longi went downstairs.
Checked, examined and
observed his work with
Hawk eyes.

Started spraying,
the metal rods, with tar.

One moment,
did he or did he
not remove the
rust with the metal

                                                    Straight look with Hawk
and… is there one,
                                                    single shred of reminiscence
                                                    of rusted metal particle for

Granulite is clear and
clean as it was before
he started working.

Thankful for spray running
out and for him to have to
to buy
more spray.

Confidence, Introduction
of a cure to a blow name
of the game?

They brainwashed her brain
to agree to replace potential
danger with safety (replacement
of 2 sewage lids, inserting a sewer
pipe under the granulite) with
another sum of money she has not.

Dwarfi: 1,500.
Agreed. Agreement 3.

Returned to talk details and…
Longi: 2,000.

From what and where?

In the details did not come up
even one detail connected or
related to this work.

Demonstration and
manifestation of expertise,
professionalism and skill?

Lack of love, miserable slavery
to money - Mammon is my lord.

Another will say: hungry, very hungry.
Think: pursuit of easy profit, greed.

Noon, Longi’s reaction
to her words let lose all hell,
freely and naturally from her
unrestrained mouth,
spitting resentment fire:

“Amazing how you interpret,
what I say, upside down,
each and every time.”

Sometime later, with fury
spirit yet free from e-motional
baggage of the fury:


"You are uncomfortable
with my integrity."

Returned to her home.
Before closure Longi

“You get 1,000 on account of
the additional work.
We agreed that you shall
receive the balance after you
finish the work.”

Repeated his habit.

“I don’t have money.
How many times shall I say
to you that I don’t have money.
You know what you are doing?

You show me like one that has
the money and does not agree
to pay you

The invalid invalidate in…?
her/his own deformity.

Having repeated his habit
one time too many, for her
liking she was surprised to hear
herself say:

“I do not agree to extortion.”

                                                           Him to say:
                                                           “You do not agree.”


Complete, full, utter
whole dead silence.

Went his way.

Following him:
“You know what am I doing?
I am doing the best I can and
know all that is within my
power for you to come out

“On Sunday we are coming
with the plaster man.”

Bang, boom, slam, tarrraram smiley
One more impersonation -
misrepresentation of Longi.

Upon their leave she entered
her home aware of a high
powerful spirit. Same as

In the chest
(residence of Ego, pride,
e-motional and spiritual
vision tidings)

slight of slightest tension
(e-motional overload).

Moved From Slavery to Miser-y
to Queenship Royalty

How and where are they stealing?

In the peace and quiet around
her and inside her came up,
floated and showed islands of
possibilities and a sea of data.

Money? No.
Words? Yes.
Actions? Yes.

Annulling her sayings,
ignoring them
or their forgetting?

Their talk as landlords
their doing in her own
as in theirs -

In the evening she returned
to let go with words and

On Saturday she walked
with her heart.
She made herself a fun day
with lots of rest.
Acted on what she felt.

smiley morning Sunday, 23.07.2023.
Lev-Shar came early and woke
her up to a new day.

She felt free and freed,
like in the mornings from

Received their faces with
a smile and good spirit.

Going downstairs, to Longi,
with same good high spirit:

“You said and showed me a
metal brush to remove the rust.
You said you shall remove the
rust from the rods, with it, till
they look …”

Before she finished
saying what she asked
to say:

   Longi: “I did.”
   Dwarfi: “He did.”

While a smile spread in
her heart from hearing the
lie, peace came out of
her mouth:

“I did not see….
And although
you cancelled
my saying on
Wednesday I repeat it:

“What happened will not
reoccur… Yes it is possible
to make a water duct…”

She heard the breaking
of Armageddon war:

“We will bring H.
He will tell you exactly
the same.”

“Bring. I agree to each
word of his, beforehand.”

The Plaster man:
“I can make water duct…

“No… I do not agree.
Tomorrow she will call
us to come again because…” (Longi)

She made her homework.
Asked the plaster man no/yes
there is another possibility.
Yes, a profile…

H’ arrived.
She joined while saying:

“It is important for
me that you know
that I am not here
to quarrel. I am here
to find answers, together.
To solve problems.”

H’ took her words one step

“Money only after work.
Now no talk of money.”

“I did not argue on the price.
I pay for a good work. For
you to do the best work that
you can and know.”

“The plaster man said
that there is … I called…
He said that he has many
and that I am to come and
find the right one.”

The duo:
“We don’t know
we never did…”

H’: “It is possible… there
is… lets drive to him.”
(Taught them new).

“One moment I am
coming too.”

“No. You are staying

An hour or two passed?
How long does it take
to select the right one
at… No/Yes he has the

A drive of less
than 5 minutes.

In one of the times that
she went upstairs she
saw that they returned.

                                                                                       They were sitting
                                                                                       on the bench in
                                                                                       Zamir street.

They called her to
come with body
and mouth language.

“Aluminum 2,000
Plastic 1,500.”



H’: “One moment,

there is a significant
difference in price
between aluminum
and plastic.”

“Plastic dries in the
sun and than brakes.”

H’: “So you paint it.
So in five years you will
paint it again.”

Longi: “H’ said that
500 is enough for
… and my work.”

“Fine, Plastic.”

Felt and sensed as yore.

After they drove away?
A new working day commenced.

After it ended she found
herself repeating a new
Letting go.

24.07.2023, Monday,
An Image is Worth A Thousand Words.
After break-fast Lev-Shar
left looking his beautiful,
clean, from infectious
secretion, good natured self.

Through the one eye,
from which, for more
than a year, since she
started giving him, daily,


Very little secretion
- if any - of blood or

Another good day
of hers began.
The two came with
the painter.

Once again she heard
“You have luck.”

You have luck?

Her beliefs allow and
enable all there is, life,
forces and the
uni-verse to bring it on,
hand it over, organize,
provide, supply and time
in divine harmony and
perfect order

of goodness for her
foremost, highest
and supreme good?

They worked until 17:30.

In circle of TCIA fruit yielded
(efficacy and speed of the
power of the word
to create
an ask and it is given reality)
here and now.

21:40 Lev-Shar
returned home.

    21:49 Left eye and
    side: blood and infection
    First time in her life that
    she saw such secretions.

An Image is Worth
A Thousand Words.

Started to anoint, every
time he returned home,
morning and evening (2
times a day), each ear
lobe, with J.D. Schloss

Synergy Master Bland
pure essential oil.

DIY Protocols for a Kitten and a Cat
How to keep away and remove Fleas
and to set a border;
Cleansing and evacuating Giardia,
infection, worms and rehabilitating
digestive system

Abused by a sociopath
(bitter, cruel society hater)?

(ignorant, invalid, selfish
who knows not the difference
between false and true,
right and wrong, lack e-motions,
inhibition, regret and remorse)?

25.07.2023, Tuesday three
times as good, she received
the two with good spirit, curiosity
and investigative instincts.

They arrived with the painter.
Conduct and management
same as before. Emotional
and stormy. I’MPOSSIBLE…

Evening, during a telephone
conversation with R she heard
herself share:

“If now Zvia of the past, the
aggressor and hostile enemy
is to return and take action?

I allow, approve and permit
her to move into action…”

“Comes out with screamings,
shouts and yells. Practice
makes perfect.”

Meaning: She will continue
to let go, ask to express and
voice herself with charm,
grace, peace, pleasantness
of conduct and manner,
quietude, serenity and

Meaning: in time expression
and voice will emanate from
quietude and serenity.

    Ima (Mother).
    Two days new habit:
    lying on her body.

Today: after coming down,
from her body, she lay down
on a side of the bed and at
some point she moved to a
new place on the bed.

Moving hand to let go
pressure in the shoulder belt
and her right shoulder she lay
her hand on the bed.
The bed is wet.


Imush peed?
Marking livelihood
space and territory?

She sat up.
Imush too?
Walla, she peed here too.

She recalled that Synergy
is a miraculous border setter.
She came back with a bottle of

Dripped on the edges
of the bed declaring
and setting a border.

Imush returned.

Dripped / marked
border 2nd time.

No Imush smiley
No Ginge indecision
Yes border?

Left eye: improvement?
Less yellow coloured secretion.
Right eye, red from…?
A Moment, what is happing
inside it?

26.07.2023, Wednesdy, 06:07
Right eye: worsened state.
Where is the Left eye?
                                                          What happened to it?

Grateful he turned
his face.
Left eye looks less

    2 minutes later (06:09):

    An Image is Worth A
    Thousand Words

Behaving and eating
like one whose eyes see.

Came the two.
Received them
with good spirit.
They went downstairs.

She was surprised from
the words spoken from
her mouth,
the might of serenity in
her voice:

“Such work I do not accept.”

The words and the spirit
might of overtone and tone
are of an aggressor,
a hostile enemy?

Or of a Queen reigning,
a leader and a manager
of her business and interest
with a fearless arm of love
of life, nature and truth,

estimation and value
(of self too), fairness,
honour and integrity?

Fire, fire, bonfire.
    It is a repair.
    What you want
    is that we do the
    whole wall a new…
    Everybody will tell
    you that it is



The two screamed,
shouted and yelled.

                                            One I’m-possible too many?
                                            to her liking and taste.

After… and what’s
more that in an hour
of truth, in a past
time, “I don’t know”
revealed to her ears
the root of their

The lost honour of Don Juan
de la facade de la shma’te
(rag, worn out rag) the one
that prevented them from
saying the truth easily, freely,
naturally and simply.

And, before it, they
heard from her mouth:
“I ask silly and stupid questions.”

She shared with them
the lesson in which she
learnt to ask silly and
stupid questions.

She repeated this phrase
time and time again, each
time her question raised
response of an insulted
miser-able life and spirit.

False? True? OR allll
from whollllle response
of an ignorant, lacking
knowledge, knowhow,
expertise, skill and
experience living in fear
of his own self shadow?

“We will bring H’.
He will tell you
that it is a repair.

“Bring. Will say I’M-possible.
Will hear the same answer:
I do not accept such work.
I pay you to do the best
work possible.You brought
a careless plaster man.


You brought a plaster man
that did a superficial job.
You brought a painter
that painted superficially.
I have all the time in the world.”

Dwarfi came and asked
for payment.
                                                                             “I am not paying.
                                                                             (Longi) made an
                                                                             agreement with me…”

Continued his way and…
“You saw…
I (Dwarfi)
do not matter to him (Longi).”

Connecting the words
of Longi at their arrival,
after she walked to Dwarfi
and asked how he feels
and is there any thing she
can do to help him.

“We are not partners.”

Aware and mindful of
the lie:

“Fine I will give you.
I deduct it from the 10,000.”

“Fine. Deduct.”

Emotionally excited
(hands shaking, eyes filling
with tears) he streched his
hands, grabbed her palm
and kissed it.

Shock stricken silence
got hold of her.

As is her custom,
on that day she also bade
them farewell with a
blessing, good words
and a smile.

Imush peed again.
She dripped / marked
border with Synergy

No Imush?
No Ginge?
Yes border?

H’ did not come.

Evening, no/yes
they called H’?

No Imush smiley
No Ginge smiley
Yes border? smiley Yes smiley

          During night sleep,
          turning from one side
          to the other pain in
          the same location,
          from two years after
          the road/work accident
          (December 2022),

around one at night
a sharp pain made
her jump up from
lying to sitting.

Sent her to feel and
sense the location.
She felt, sensed and
touched a growth at the
size of a feast (7x4 cm).

Thursday, 27.07.2023, 06:14
Good day new day
06:14 - 4 minutes later
Left eye: Same look.
Right eye:
A few seconds passed

Came the two.
Again she heard:
It is a repair. What do
you want that we redo
the whole wall a new…
Every one will tell you
it is i’m-possible…”

Screamed, shouted,

False? True? Or
alllll in alllll lack of
experience, expertise,
professionalism, knowhow,

Came H’. Said what
they said. Suggested
to polish the border line.
Learnt that Longi does
not know what a
polishing disc is; fear’s

Left for his way to buy
after he told H’ “I will
call you from the shop
so that I do not buy

H’ replied: “Tell him
polishing disc…”

Drove to by the polishing

In a friendly and kind
conversation with H’.

She shared a question
that came up and the
conclusion she reached
from her chosing to
stand up for her rights,
following the road accident
on 21.01.2011  (211211),
acknowledged as work

One moment,
how and from what
do you ask to earn
money, to make money?
From haterd and loathing
miser-y or from
love of truth, nature and life?

Love of truth, nature and life.

She let the lawyer that paid
a fortune for a piece of paper
called certificate and in which
are also written the words
“degree in…”

her choice and that he has
to bring the process to an
end and close the claim.

/Started polishing
the border line. Longi.

Adding offense to a sin?
“I do not accept this work.
Stop. Discontinue.”

H’: “Stop. This is not…”

H’: “…”

She repeated possibilities
and ideas from that day
and antecedents:

“You can remove the paint
layer, then the plaster layer,
then part of the cement layer,
leaving a place for the plaster
and paint layers to come out
in a straight line with …”

H’: “You will not come
out of it.”

Longi: “Then tomorrow I come
and do the whole wall…”

On her way to the staircase
at hearing his mouth to say
her thoughts she felt a smile
and heard herself say with
a smiling tone:

   “What to do that I have a
   technical vision, that I have
   technical knowledge and
   sense, 2 right hands.”

At the computer space,
one moment, what is
the time? The telephone
technician was to come
between 11:00 and 13:00.

With her face to the street.
One moment, who is that
good looking young man,
the technician?

Hurried to go out towards
him. True, yes. The technician.


Happily welcomed him,
expressing her cheerful
and grateful self and

Heard he was half an hour
late because of…

They went downstairs,
to the communication
closet. All is well.

In their return to Bezeq
closet, in the street, H’
called her to come

He sat, next to Longi,
in the shade, on a bench.

There is a limit
There is place
There is time
for every body?

“Now, I am with the

They, technician and
her, continued with
their goodness. In it
too all is well.

They entered the computer
space. Cooperation at its
best and for its reputation.
“Short circuit.”

Checking the telephone
revealed it was intact.

Telephone is connected
to the integrated machine
(facsimile, printer, scanner).
“Short circuit in the integrated
Free translation of the txt msg:

smiley noon beloved Tomer angelheartangel
Remember that I called to ask how…
Feels like rolling with laughter?

The day before yesterday:
ahhh no telephone line.

Today a Bezeq technician
found that a connected
integrated apparatus
(facsimile) caused a short circuit.

After he left it turned out:
No short circuit and no shoes angelangelangelangel

Connecting the router to
Bezeq 2 sockets unit caused,
allegedly, a short circuit.

Direct connection of the
telephone to the socket
in the wall.

Direct connection of the
router to the thick cable
coming out from the wall.

Without Bezeq 2 sockets

There is a telphone line
that operate.
There is internet communication
that works.

The smart-alecks
in technology create
false data,
paralises the brain angelangelangel

May we laugh and
roll with laughter
as much as possible.

Fiiiiiiiiii nothing like you
come work with me angelsmileysmiley

On their way out from the
computer space. Moment,
what is that black thing on
the shelf? Like hiding as
far as possible from one’s
eye sight?

Longi’s cigarette box?
Empty? Full?
Opened. Empty.

She quietly let out vemom:
“No border. I do as I please
what I please. She is talking
to and with the wall.

Here too (outside of the
public space) he does what
comes to him?”

The technician kept silent.
On their way to the Bezeq
communication closet she
threw the box into the waste

She fare welled from the
technician with blessings
and words of gratitude.

After he entered his car,
on her way to H’: “The
dots did not connect.

Neared H’. Invited her
to set on the bench.
Heard him ask her to
pay them.

Like snake beaten she
repeated the truth and
words she told the two
more than a couple of

“What, leaving 5,000
is not enough for you
for one more work day?”

More oil poured into the
already a blazed fire.

“I do not have the money.
He made an agreement
with me that the last
10,000 are to be paid
after work is completed.
Since he came back time
after time and extorted me
for more money.

I told him that I do
not have the money.
That after paying
him the 1,000 I
checked myself
and found out
that I was left
with no money to
buy vegetables
until the end of
the month.

So came (Dwarfi). I gave
him on account of the
10,000 and again breached
the contract.

Time and time I breached
the contract. How many
times I will say that I do not
have money for food. That
I cancelled plans because
I do not have money.”

Dead silence.
Walked away.

While sited on the bench
she once again turned to
a witness in the arena of
anguish and enmity
criminal delinquency.
In the street, near the
gate to the plot.

She heard and saw Longi’
e-motion-ally exploding
сreis of devastation.

His kick in a bucket with
all of anguish and  despair

Grateful for the bucket
fly over the pots with
the plants.

Thankful that the bucket’s
hitting, the plastic fence,
blocked and stopped its

Grateful that the pots and
the plants inside them
remained intact,

Thankful that the plastic
fence remained in one
whole piece - intact.

Grateful that all remained
healthy, whole, anguish
and despair free.

While sited on the
bench, sometime
later, Dwarfi burst
from the parking
to the bridge, along
the bridge and back.

His body language
unveiled winds of loss,
frustration, despair.

In the cessation of the
winds she returned to
her home, to edit one
more film that she will
upload to youtube.

She exited to the porch.
Lomgi’s words were
returned with blazing
and burning fire of
boiling hot fury and
the fiery tongue of
wrath while feeling
and sensing?

Free, e-motional
baggage free.

"There is no limit.
You do not know
any limit. I am the
boss. I decide.

I do with her possessions
what I feel and when I feel.
Where I feel I leave an empty
box of cigarettes, Right?

You are a criminal delinquent.”

“Zvia these are words that are
not nice.”
said in a quiet voice.

“Right. These are words that
are not nice. And you are a
criminal delinquent.”

Miracle of Hannuka and wonder of Purim.

Longi: “I am not…”
during his coming from the
parking with the intention
to see with his own eyes
false of true said her mouth.

“It is not there (inside) I
damped it into the waste bin.

Did you know that a turtle walks slowly and runs quickly?

Come and see.”

He followed her to the
waste bin.
She opened the lid.

“You already threw waste
on top of it. You can take
the waste out and find it.”

Longi: “We are coming to
work. Not to for work.”

“To work is also to work
in the eyes.”
(cheating, deceiving,
faking. Imposter, liar. 
Legerdemain, sleight
of hand, trickery.

One of the characters of
a nulled from birth with
means of words and
actions of her/his father/
mother and/or…

Annulling by authority and
virtue of independence,
self and selfhood annulment
in the belief and with the faith
that they are expressions of
humbleness and modesty.

Of the living in lack of appreciation,
lack of awareness and consciousness
(self too), absence of orientation in
matter and reality.

Of the believer that he/she
behaves and mange’s in and
with love in an instance of being
led and managed by anguish,
fright and hatred miser-y.

Used to annulling on the spot,
of each one and every thing.

Annulling on the spot is also
a testimony of annulled
independence, self and

No Imush
No Ginge
Yes border.

28.07.2023, Friday,
towards the end of the
day Dwarfi came, once
more, asking for payment.

(Noon … beloved
Remember I called to ask how…
Asking to roll with laughter?
The day before yesterday: ahhh
no telephone line.

Today, Bezeq technician found
that an instrument that connect
(fax) “
сut short”.

After he left it came clear:
Not cutting short no shoes

Connecting the router to
Bezeq slitting connector
caused the alleged “short circuit”.

Direct connection Telephone to
socket in the wall.

Direct connection Router to the
thick cable coming out of the wall.

Without bezeq split connector.

There is a telephone thast is working.
There is internet communication that is working.

Wise assed technology create false
date, paralyzes brain.

That we laugh and roll with laugher
as much as possible.


Repeated her words.
Went to work.

Came again. Heard a
new vocabulary.

“Come Zvia, tell me
what is inside your

In and with body and
mouth language she
invited him to enter
the living room.

Sat in the armchair.
Repeated his asking.
She opened her closed
heart. Was surprised from
her peaceful spirit.
From her voice quietude.

Once she gave him the
bills he hurried to hold
her hand and kiss it.

This time?
She responded with “Thanks.”
Moved from salvery to to Misery to Queenship?


Upon the evening of the day
she remembered one of her
last askings.
To adapt and develop ability,
skill and talent like A.M.’s


From him, in the nintees of
the last century, in the
previous millennium - she
took to her life the saying:
“I am big in small money.”
Fair play and trade, generosity
as opposed to miser miserable
misery, pettiness of correct-ness,

What and which ability, skill
and talent?
At an end of a meeting,
while accompanying a
client out of his office at
the hearing of him airing
and voicing a juicy curse.

The client stopped. Turned
around. Hugged A.M. in
a brave and hearty hug.
Said: “Thanks” and rolled
with laughter.

She filled with gratitude,
surprise, thankfulness to
the data in the reply.
With tapping, approval,
letting go, developed new
ability, skill and talent within?
A week.

29.07.2023, Saturday, 06:59
Good day. There is. Thanks.
2 eyes with past look.
Less secretion.
An Image is Worth A Thousand wrods.

22:45,  a text message from M’:
Vai he looks really sick.

(Truth. Yet? His walking and
body language like in past time,
lest chasing away cats. In all
these days she did not see
him, if only once, for medicine,
chase away one female cat or
a single male cat.)

30.07.2023, 06:17
“ morning … beloved

A few days ago … said on
(the present puppy in her

He knew to whom to come.
He is sick with epilepsy.
I am a nurse so I treat him.
Somebody else would have
already thrown him into the

I, them, thought same Lev-Shar,
in the difference that I am not
a nurse in my profession.

In the course of my life I replaced
my view points of life from those
that they are big on me, that I
have, that I am rape vict-I’m, that
they are and the world are
dangerous / full with danger and
dangers to those that they are
safe and here a stage for me to
express and pronounce my self,
the abilities, the knowledge, the
skills, the talents of virtues star
model and a top actress

fearlessly and freely.

That they are a gift (not a duty,
obligation or punishment).
That I earned them.
That I won them.

That they are - the life and
the world - the best, the
most expensive, marvelous
and wonderful thing that there is.

Remember the proverbs

There is no price for life?

There is a price, expensive
and high bodily, materialistically,
physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The main thing is health?

For me, naked and sheer truth.

Most say it as lips tax.
Pay the most expensive and
highest price in life and the world:

Ill (minded and tempered), rotted
and rotting inside from excessive
heart aches
heart breaks,
pangs of consciousness,
regrets, remorse,
skipping the clauses and sections,
(sufferings) lack of love of
life, nature, self and truth,
confidence, safety, security, surety,
(poor) self-esteem, value, orientation
in matter and reality.

I turned them into belief and into
my truth and  according to them,
aligned in direct cane of a straight
line are the behaviour and conduct
in my present life cycle.

Following your yesterdays words?

Go know how many more years he
is living thanks to the belief that
conducted and managed my new
life with my mother.
His choosing of me.

Had he chose in the home of one
of my brothers, conducted and
controlled by fear of… - he would
be long dead.

What is the belief / truth?
As long and so long that mother
is alive she deserve and is worthy
for the best from the authority and
power of birth right for free expression
and pronunciation - freedom of self
and honour of humane image.

The life and the world are safe,
good, beautiful.

The one and only danger?
Disconnection in brain conductivity.
Mind in La La Land.
Hands on the stirring wheel.

I have the privilege and right
to be of service to her in her
time of trouble and weakness,
beside her, next to her, benefit,
improve and make pleasant -
her life.

I do not have to.
She does not have to.

From a road/work accident
on 21.01.2011 (211211):

Fear of the different, the other
- as though the different or
the other from its being
different or other poses a
threat to my existence / life.

Of what will he/she do to me,
say about me or to me, think
of… from
root of evil.

Fear caused me to ask to
distance myself from a
light truck that bypassed
my bicycle riding course,
some 50 cm away from

I would not break the
bicycle handling bar
rightward and then
leftward - from a potential
Bypassing car on left.
Parking cars on right.

I would have continued
to ride straight forward?
I would have come home
with injuries free body and

And on the 10th anniversary
to fury, that welled upon the
unveiling truth of Medical
Doctors and nurses the
symptom in the left thigh,
would not have returned,
with the differences:

The mass doubled its size to
15 x 13 cm.
Multiple pain eruptions as
opposed to one, single
sharp as a knife blade pain
The place is also hot.

Since Katz, arrived in
autumn 2017 and brought
Kitz and Kutz another
belief / truth:

The humane animal is
like all other animals, no
less and no more from
any other animal in the
world and on earth.

Every animal has a birth
right for free expression
and pronunciation,
freedom of self and
honour of animal image =
to live the best there is
and the way possible.

Any one that believe that
it is less than I (her/himself)?
Lives in a lie. Lacks awareness,
consciousness and orientation
in matter and reality. Disconnected
form nature - humane too.

Happy tidings in magnificent times
with love for life, nature and truth
gratitude and thanksgiving to
еру world and еруuniverse
that gave all to me


20:50 Camera flash light made his eyes close.

20:51 Change of place change of perspective and… new sight:

20:57 Both eyes with clear, healthy look.
Around them look clean of infected secretion.
under them looks less frightening with less
infected secretion.

21:06 Is it possible not to marvel
at nature’s forces?

Monday, 31.07.2023, sitting on
the bed she found herself tilt
her body leftwards and… a
moment of fear of pain stopped
the movement.
One moment, zero pain?

She returned to tilt her body
leftward, attentively and
mindfully listening. Indeed,
true, yes.
Zero pain till the stage when
her body weight pressed on
the place.

01.08.2023, ,pain in growth
weakened. She felt and sensed
that its size lessened.
To ascertain and verify her
sense? She measured: 8x8 cm.

Wow, look at the power that Rescue
and Synergy has and what a
magnitude there is to letting go
with words.

Evening time she once again called
Dr. Sizar with the intention to hear
no/yes he returned to land.
She was surprised and happy to
hear his voice.

“There is what do do.
We can help him.
Bring him for a checkup
so that we know from what
and then we can treat.”