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TCIA - 3 Months Training

TCIA and SET for business, career, family, personal,
professional development mentoring is a tailored-
to-measure suit to grow out and up to, live and
uplift myself, my business, career, craftsmanship,
family, studies with whole
hearted joy and free
spirited love, to their fullest, take them to the
new, next level.

In TCIA and SET you gently, kindly and lovingly
develop, grow, nurture and set new ways to
acceptance, confidence and valued self-esteem
with amiable, blissful, creative, happy, joyful,
pleasing and pleasant ways of living your passion
and joy to their fullest extent after you had cleansed,
cleared, set-free and re-placed customs, habits and
patterns of low-self esteem and poor-confidence
manifesting in frequent aches, depressive moods,
exasperation, nervousness and pains, self-destruction
and punishment outbursts.

Always means all ways
Impossible means I'm possible and infinite possibilties.
Being means BE-IN-Good, grace, and gratitude.

Do you aspire, desire, dream or wish to transform
vict-I'm I am
happy vict-OR I am?

Happiness to health is a way.

For your convenience you are welcome to in-person, Skype or Telephone
E.S.T. Personal development mentoring sessions.

Before a Skype or Telephone-session please memorize and
the tapping points in E.S.T. Chart, so that in our session together we shall
have a head start. Please take it easy I shall guide you through the tapping
points, should you decide not to do that.

In a Telephone-session it is best to use a hands-free telephone or a head-
set with earphones and microphone.

For a Skype-session please be equipped with: a microphone, loudspeakers
and Skype software.

Microphones and loudspeakers for your computer, telephone head-set with
earphones and microphone are available at your local computers laboratories
and stores, electric accessories and stationary stores, for a reasonable prices.

Free Skype software download for
Windows for Macintosh



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