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TCIA - 1 Session

TCIA ansd SET training Lesson
To be and to become empowered,
inspired, motivated, successful in
any area in your daily life.
To come out of ache, ailment, anger,
anguish, anxiety attack, an hour of
crisis, a period of recession, a time
of a trauma, victimhood, weakenss,
or worry.
To be and to become a super-
strong magnet to freely attract,
create, draw, enjoy and have a
life and a reality that easily,
naturally and simply flow and
are full with whole hearted ask
and it is given abundance,
happiness, health, love, profits,
prosperity, success, and wealth.

To let go and let the universe
align in direct, straight line,
bring it to me,
make it happen,
manifest and materialize it
each day and every day in my


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